SCBA Cylinder Valve – Cross-Flow Valve

SKU: ASE7004

High Quality SCBA Cylinder Valve – Cross-Flow Valve with safety locking hand wheel, suitable for 300 bar SCBA cylinders. The valve has a cross flow design.

  • High Quality SCBA Inline Valve
  • Safety locking hand wheel
  • The valve has a cross-flow design
  • Size of Valve connections M18 x 1.5

ASE has a Registered Gas Cylinder Test Station that completes the hydrostatic testing, recertification and filling of cylinders. ASE also completes valve servicing which includes a complete overhaul of the valve, leak check and new-orings. Our technicians are highly experienced and all maintenance is completed in accordance with Australian Standards as well as the applicable International Standards and Manufacturer’s Specifications. Our clients can be assured of our commitment to quality.

For further information on servicing please contact us on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email