BA Cylinder 3 Litre

SKU: 767721

Fully wrapped carbon fibre BA Cylinder 3 litre with straight (inline) valve. Cylinder is 300 bar with approximate duration of 22 minutes.

This is a composite cylinder with an aluminium liner, over-wrapped with carbon and glass fibres. They are 50% lighter than the traditional economic steel construction.

The 3 Litre Carbon Fibre Cylinder is available with your choice of Straight (Inline), Right Angle Preece and T-Style Preece valves.

  • Fully wrapped carbon fibre cylinder
  • 3 Litre, 300 bar cylinder
  • Straight (Inline) valve
  • Approximate duration – 22 minutes
  • Testing Interval: 5 Yearly
  • Lifespan of Cylinder: Unlimited Life

ASE also completes the hydrostatic testing, recertification and filling of BA Cylinders at our Registered Hydrostatic Test Stations. ASE has a team of approved test station signatories that have been independently assessed by SAI Global. These technicians also complete valve servicing and hose testing services.

For further information on servicing please contact us on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email