Our Approvals & Certifications

ASE’s Approvals and Certifications include:

Quality Assurance ISO9001

Australian Safety Engineers is a Quality Assured company to ISO9001 and clients can be assured of our commitment to quality in the supply of our products and services.

Quality Assurance ISO9001 Certificate

Registered Hydrostatic Test Station

Australian Safety Engineers has Registered Hydrostatic Test Stations with approved test station signatories that have been assessed by SAI Global, a registered certification body to ascertain their competence. Our test stations completes the testing, recertification and filling of cylinders and pressure vessels including scuba cylinders, LPG, CO2 and fire extinguishers, as well as completes the valve servicing and hose testing.

Out Hydrostatic Test Station was first certified in October 1986. We have been recognised by SAI Global as successfully maintaining certification for our Test Station for over 20 years.

Registered Hydrostatic Test Station Certificate


Extinguishing Agent Handling Licences

ASE holds an Extinguishing Agent Trading Authorisation and we are approved in accordance with the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations to acquire, store and dispose of extinguishing agents used in fire protection equipment and systems. ASE technicians hold individual Extinguishing Agent Handling Licences (EAHL), and all staff working on ozone-depleting gaseous systems are EAHL qualified.

Extinguishing Agent Trading Authorisation Certificate

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) & Lloyd’s Register

Australian Safety Engineers have also been approved by Lloyd’s Register and by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). These approvals certify the company’s management system and permit ASE to complete the supply, inspection, servicing and repair of equipment for ships, offshore structures as well as land-based installations.

ABS Approval Certificate Fire Certificate

ABS Approval Certificate BA Certificate

Lloyds Register Certificate






Fire Protection Association Australia

Australian Safety Engineers is a Corporate Gold member of the Fire Protection Association Australia which provides information and services to its members within the fire and safety industry.

Fire Protection Association Australia Member Certificate

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Approval

Australian Safety Engineers has been issued with a ‘Certificate of Approval’ by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority permitting us to complete aviation related activities. This includes the maintenance of the following aircraft components:

  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Flexible hose assemblies
  • Pneumatic Valve assemblies

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Approval Certificate

Department of Defence Approved Hyperbaric Repairers

Australian Safety Engineers are approved Hyperbaric Repairers for the Department of Defence, Royal Australian Navy (RAN) which permits us to complete the servicing and retesting of RAN breathing apparatus equipment (OCCABA MKIII), Escape Sets (ELSRD) and BA cylinders for surface ships and submarines, as well as the servicing of high pressure compressors, gas booster pumps, moby poles and plummet launchers. Australian Safety Engineers have been one of the longest servicing repair agents in Australia with the company servicing and repairing Navy equipment since its inception in 1982.

Department of Defence Approved Hyperbaric Repairers Certificate