Superpass II

SKU: 02.05.0004

This product is discontinued…. please refer to In-Command FX

The Superpass II is a personal alert safety system (PASS) that is designed for use by firefighters and personnel working in hazardous areas. It is a stand-alone motion sensing device with both a manual and automatic sensing alarm and also available with an optional temperature sensing alarm. The Superpass II is the smallest, loudest and lightest personal alarm safety system.

The Auto-on feature provides assurance that the unit is being worn and is turned on automatically when removed from the storage position.

A Pre-Alert signal will activate an audible signal when there is lack of motion for around 18 to 23 second. Ongoing lack of motion lasting around 30 to 35 seconds will activate the Full Alarm mode. The full alarm mode features rapid pulsing red LEDs and is accompanied by a loud audio Alarm signal that varies in pitch to assist in recognising and locating personnel. The Superpass II can also be put into Full Alarm at any time by manually pressing the Alarm button.

The Superpass II also has an accountability key with an identification window which allows the key to be personalised with photos, names, numbers, department IDs and barcodes etc. It provides instant access for rapid identification.

  • Powerful alarm sound with varied pitch to help in locating personnel
  • Pre-Alert mode with pulsing light and sweeping and increasing sound
  • Manual and Automatic sensing Alarm
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Accountability key with identification window which can be personalised

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