Storage System

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A storage system is an ideal way to expand a compressor system. It provides a backup reservoir of compressed air/gas and should be considered for applications where continuous, sudden or unusually high demands which could exceed the capacity of the compressor.

A storage system protects the compressor from the direct demand of the system as well as serving to dampen or eliminate pressure pulsations to the system.

ASE can analyse your required output to determine a suitable sized storage system. This could range from a single bulk cylinder to multiple cylinders or banks of cascading.

The Storage System can be configured with a custom-built Fill Panel so that cylinders can be filled directly from the fill panel with the air/gas from the storage banks.

ASE is experienced and very knowledgeable in designing, configuring and installing air distribution, filling and storage systems for medium to high pressure applications.

Storage System features include:

  • Back reservoir of compressed air gas
  • Protects the compressor from the direct demand of the system as well as pressure pulsations
  • Custom built based on output requirements
  • ASE uses only quality components that are specifically designed for high pressure.
  • All components are applied within their design parameters.
  • ASE use stainless steel tubing. All tube runs are supported to prevent the transmission of vibration through the tubing and to the rest of the system.
  • Each high pressure distribution system is carefully designed to include pressure indicating devices and safety, isolation, vent and drain valves as required. All panel mounted devices are clearly identified with labelling. More complex systems include a schematic diagram as part of the labelling for operator reference.

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