Seccant III Regeneration Dryer

SKU: Seccant III Regeneration Dryer

BAUER SECCANT III high-pressure regeneration dryer for air and gas treatment

  • Dedicated B-CONTROL control:Independent of the compressor
  • Continuous drying:With two dryer chamber dryer modes working in parallel (dryer mode and regeneration mode)
  • Optimum FAD for your application:For air, gases and high operating hour counts

The regeneration dryers in the SECCANT series from BAUER for the pressure range from 90 – 350 / 420 bar have been designed for the treatment of air and gases in applications in which operating hour counts, free air delivery rates and ambient temperatures are high.

As units delivered ready for operation, the high-pressure dryers are equipped with electronic control, smooth switch-over between regeneration and work cycles as standard, as well as featuring upstream separation and a particle filter.

The impressive unit concept also makes for easy integration into the overall system.

Activated carbon filters for oil removal and CO conversion (for the treatment of breathing air and air for use in medical applications, for example) can be added to meet your specific individual industrial requirements and production needs.


  • Control – The use of a dedicated control as standard for the regeneration dryers in the SECCANT series means that the dryers are able to operate independently of the compressor control. All that is required is a start/stop signal from the compressor control. The dryer control used also supports the transfer of additional data to the compressor control or other monitoring equipment via bus cable.
  • Continuous drying – The two dryer chambers work in parallel: one dryer chamber is operated in drying mode, the second is operated in regeneration mode. Automatic switch-over between the modes is controlled via the B-CONTROL control. This ensures a constant supply of treated medium.
  • Pressure retention valve – Equipping the SECCANT regeneration dryer with a compatible pressure retention valve safeguards the minimum pressure in the filter housings. Setting a minimum pressure prevents the maximum flow speed in the filter housing being exceeded. Contact time between medium and processing­ equipment is thus assured right from the outset.
  • B-SECURUS filter monitoring system – The B-SECURUS filter monitoring system monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge with moisture. The cartridge performs best at a pressure dew-point of -20°C. Information is displayed via the B-CONTROL control display.
  •   A version (activated carbon) – The regeneration dryers in the SECCANT series can be fitted with an additional filter housing as an optional extra. The filter housing contains an activated carbon cartridge which removes oil and hydrocarbons from the compressed medium.
  • Dew-point monitoring – Dew-point monitoring is integrated into the regeneration dryer and linked to the B-CONTROL control. This enables the moisture content of the compressed air to be monitored and displayed at all times. Values can be set at which warnings and alarms should be output and the compressor unit switched off automatically.
  • Gas-tight design – All BAUER KOMPRESSOREN treatment systems are also available in gas-tight design.
    This means that they support the no-loss treatment of expensive gases.
  • CO conversion – During the air treatment process, the poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) found in the air is converted into carbon dioxide (CO2). As the proportion of CO is low, the CO2 concentration only increases slightly. Depending on the air treatment system, CO conversion will take place either in a filter housing together with oil removal or in a separate filter housing. The “CO conversion” equipment option is only possible in conjunction with the “Oil removal” option.
BAUER SECCANT high-pressure regeneration dryer – for air and nitrogen
Non-thermal adsorption dryer for
Free air capacity Pressure range
Drying Drying and oil removal l/min m³/h cfm 90–350 bar 350–400 bar 350–420 bar
SECCANT III SECCANT III A 500 – 1500 30 – 90 18 – 53    
SECCANT IV SECCANT IV A 1500 – 3500 90 – 210 53 – 124    


BAUER SECCANT high-pressure regeneration dryer – for helium and argon
Non-thermal adsorption dryer for
Free air capacity Pressure range
Drying Drying and oil removal l/min m³/h cfm 90–350 bar 350–400 bar 350–420 bar
SECCANT III H SECCANT III AH 500 – 1500 30 – 90 18 – 53    
SECCANT IV H SECCANT III AH 1500 – 3500 90 – 210 53 – 124    

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