RTC Robust Test Cabinet

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The Resato RTC 1500 is a Robust Testing Cabinet ideal for testing hoses and large objects. It is a versatile system used by hose manufacturers and assemblers to perform hydrostatic pressure and cycle tests. The RTC 1500 robust pressure test cabinet has been designed for operator’s safety and is equipped with a mechanism that only allows pressurisation whilst the cover is closed and an impact resistant visual inspection window.

Resato RTC Pressure Test Cabinet

The Resato RTC 1500 Robust Testing Cabinet is a reliable cabinet that can be used to perform hydrostatic pressure and cycle tests for hoses and large objects. The RTC pressure test cabinet incorporates an air-operated locking mechanism and an impact resistant window to prevent operator hazards. This pressure test cabinet has a spacious design, allowing large objects to be loaded by forklift (i.e. on a pallet) which reduces time and manual labour. The pressure test cabinet  incorporates a grid floor to ensure easy draining after the test-cycle.


The RTC 1500 Robust Testing Cabinet can be used for various applications including:

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing on hoses and large objects.
  • Cycle testing on hoses and large objects.
  • Series testing on hoses and large objects.
  • Leak testing on hoses and large objects.
  • Pressure testing of PVC hoses, rubber hoses and more.
  • Designed for operator’s safety – equipped with an air-operated locking mechanism and only allowing pressurisation when cover is closed
  • Impact resistant window to enable clear and safe viewing of test object.
  • Spacious cabinet allows for easy loading of large objects on pallets via forklift to reduce time and manual labour.
  • Grid floor to ensure easy object draining after test-cycle.
  • Outlet Pressure and flow capacity will depend on pressure system used.
  • Options available including: high setup with frame, low setup with pallet ramp, pre-fill skid to put under RTC1500, multiple test lines, pre-fill by-pass functionality for quick filling of objects, and blow through function to empty object.

For technical specifications refer to product brochure:

Brochure – RTC Robust Testing Cabinet – ASE


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Resato’s pressure testing cabinets are extremely reliable, robust units that are designed for safe operation. Resato is a leading manufacturer providing high pressure solutions to a range of industries including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, chemical and petrochemical industries, marine and process industries.  With proven technology and a wide range of equipment solutions, Resato’s is a leader in the high pressure industry. 

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