P-Series Air-driven Liquid Pumps

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Resato’s P-Series of air-driven liquid pumps are quiet and robust units that provide pumping for various applications. They are available as single-acting and double-acting types to provide for a significant range of outlet pressures and flow rate combinations. These pumps are capable of producing an output pressure range of between 70 to 5000 bar (1025 to 72,000 psi) depending on the type of unit.

Why use a Resato P-Series Air-driven Pumps

The Resato P-Series of air-driven pumps are suitable for pressurising liquids for burst testing, charging, bolt tensioning and other high pressure applications. Designed for minimal maintenance, their long lifetime makes them ideal for applications in the automotive, gas processing, and offshore and onshore industry. The pumps are available in single-acting and double-acting types and provide a significant range of outlet pressure and flow rate combinations. ASE can assist you in the selection of the best pump for your application.


The Resato P-Series Air-driven Pumps can be used for various applications including:

  • Hydrostatic Testing of Oil and Gas objects.
  • Hydrostatic testing of hoses.
  • Pressure testing of hydraulic objects.
  • (Chemical) injection.
  • Dismantling of bearings / flanges.
  • Bolt tensioning.
  • Food preservation.
  • Burst testing.
  • Laboratory testing.
  • Vessel pressurisation.
  • Research and development applications.
  • Automatic reciprocating differential area piston principle.
  • Up to 5000 bar (72,000 psi) capability.
  • ATEX certification available.
  • Easy to convert from single acting pump into a double-acting pump, when extra flow capacity is required.
  • Improved cycling speed.
  • Used with water-based and oil-based mediums.
  • Designed for minimal maintenance.

For technical specifications refer to product brochure:

Brochure – Air Driven Liquid Pumps – ASE


Innovative Technology

Resato’s air-driven pumps are extremely reliable, robust units that are compact and easy to maintain. Resato is a leading manufacturer providing high pressure solutions to a range of industries including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, chemical and petrochemical industries, marine and process industries.  With proven technology and a wide range of equipment solutions, Resato’s is a leader in the high pressure industry. 

Sales & Servicing

ASE are the Australian Distributors and Sales agents for Resato and we are proud to support this premium brand. ASE can assist with all sales and servicing enquiries. Our team of expert technicians, provide the highest-level of technical support and maintenance solutions for the Resato range of high pressure equipment and systems.

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