SKU: 10126797

The MotionScout is stand-alone personal alert safety system (PASS) that detects the cessation of bodily movement and activates an automatic alarm. For enhanced safety the alarm can also be activated manually.

The sensitive, electronic motion sensor recognises all normal body Movements. Maintenance-free and durable – the motionSCOUT guarantees a great cost-performance-ratio.

The operating time is extremely high being >200 hours, same as the alarm time of 10 hours continuous sound.

  • Automatic Alarm which is activated on cessation of bodily movement
  • Manual Alarm which can be activated by the use for enhanced safety.
  • Electronic motion sensor recognises all normal body movements.
  • Temperature sensor optionally available.
  • Version with key for tally board applications.
  • Easily affixed to belt or strap with durable clamp.
  • Clear and simple to use
  • Locate person in danger with highly visible LED and an alarm volume of at least 95dB.
  • 95 dB alarm for >10 hours sound
  • Robust, easy to-grip design
  • Integrated gasket
  • Rugged suspension clip
  • IP67 watertight
  • Maintenance free for great cost of ownership.

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