Mini-Verticus & Verticus

SKU: I Series: Mini-Verticus & Verticus

The new generation of stationary compressors from the VERTICUS series once again demonstrates BAUER’s leading-edge technological status.

The new MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS combine the legendary BAUER compressor blocks with improved components and ultra-modern design! During the redesign, the focus was on ergonomics, making operation as easy as possible, reducing noise and boosting efficiency.

All control elements that are important for everyday operation are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible from the front.

A new condensate vessel integrated into the housing with 40 % more capacity. The compressor control monitors the fill level and informs the operator in good time if the condensate needs to be emptied.

The advanced B-CONTROL MICRO is more powerful and ready to communicate with the B-APP for remotely controlling and monitoring the compressor.


Standard Compressor Package

Complete compressor unit ready for operation*, comprising of:

  •  Compressor block
    • Micronic intake filter
    • Intercooler/aftercooler; air-cooled after all compressor stages
    • Intermediate/final separator for oil/water condensate
    • Safety valves after every compressor stage, final pressure safety valve type-tested to TÜV standard
    • Pressure retention valve/check valve after final compressor stage
    • Oil lubrication (forced-feed oil lubrication)
  • Three-phase motor
  • B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control
  • Open vertical design
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • Operating instructions complete with spare parts list, CE declaration of conformity, pressure vessel certificates
  • For more detailed information, see the technical data sheets and quotations.

* as of “standard version”

Please refer to Equipment Options for upgrades available for these models


  • B-CONTROL MICRO Compressor Control for the control and reliable monitoring of basic functions
  • Bauer Compressor Blocks which are able to achieve extremely long service lives with low energy consumption and reliable oil lubrication of cylinder surfaces
  • B-DRAIN Automatic Condensate Drain which automatically removes the condensate that forms during compression (water/oil mixture) from the intermediate separators and the final separator and collects it in a condensate vessel.
  • AIR COOLING provided using ambient air and by discharging the heat they generate efficiently and effectively
  • V-belt drive which is used for power transmission is low maintenance and self-tensioning. The tension of the V-belt does not have to be adjusted.
  • Now significantly quieter due to the new anti-vibration frame and noise-optimised Super Silent housing
  • Compact dimensions for installation wherever space is at a premium
  • Ergonomic design foroptimum accessibility and operation
  • Very easy to maintain
Super Silent version
Super Silent housing reduces the noise level of the compressor unit and enables an exhaust shaft to be used. For units in the MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS series, Super-Silent sound insulation can be retrofitted on request.


The BAUER B-CONTROL II compressor control is the extended version of the B-CONTROL MICRO basic compressor control.
Monitoring the intermediate pressures and intermediate stage temperatures. This monitoring system is recommended for continuous operation and fully automated operation, as well as for compressor units that do not receive regular attention from specialist personnel. Monitoring tracks the minimum value of stage 1 (intermediate pressure only) and the maximum value of all compressor stages. The compressor unit shuts off if the values monitored fall below or exceed the permissible limit values. The actual value is displayed by the B-CONTROL II compressor control unit.
Oil level monitoring
Optional oil level monitoring system for safely switching off the compressor unit when the oil level is low.
If the oil level reaches the minimum mark, this is displayed on the control and the compressor is switched off automatically for safety reasons. This option is particularly recommended for compressor units in continuous operation.
B-APP allows users to remotely control and monitor compressors with the new B-CONTROL MICRO. B-APP also offers additional features such as product-specific news, videos, an integrated dealer search function and calculation tools. Available in the AppStore (iOS) and on GooglePlay (Android).
P 61 Purification system
The units in the MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS series can be supplied with the P 61 purification system integrated as an option. Clean air and gas qualities meeting the requirements of ISO 8573-1 (among others) can be achieved.
P 81 Purification system
The units in the MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS series can be supplied with the P 81 purification system integrated as an option. This system doubles the intervals for changing cartridges compared with the P 61 purification system and meets the requirements of more far-reaching treatment standards.
Particulate filter
An integrated particulate filter is offered as an option in conjunction with the P61 and P81 purification systems, to remove particulates safely in compliance with industrial requirements under ISO 8573 class 2.
B-SECURUS filter monitoring
The B-SECURUS system monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge(s) by measuring the moisture in the molecular sieve.
B-KOOL refrigeration dryer
The normal service life (capacity) of a filter cartridge can be extended many times over by additional cooling of the compressed air with the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer.
Intermediate pressure gauges
Analogue pressure gauges mounted on the compressor unit in a suitable location. They make it easy to check, diagnose and maintain the unit.
Intake system
The intake system is needed to supply the compressor with air or gas at a suitable and monitored intake pressure.
Intake pressure reduction
Intake pressure reduction ensures that the compressor takes in the gas at the appropriate pressure. The level of intake pressure reduction is adjusted according to prevailing gas pressure and required intake pressure. Integrated safety valves and pressure monitoring effectively ensure that intake pressure does not fall below or above the permissible level.
First stage separator
The installation of a separator after the first compressor stage is recommended for units operating in conditions where the moisture content of the ambient air is high (in tropical regions and for the effective compression of gases with a high moisture content.
60-litre condensate vessel
The generous 60 l condensate collection system provides a central collection point for the condensate produced during the compression process inside the compressor.
Base frame
The compressor and up to 2 storage bottles each with a geometric capacity of 50 or 80 litres are installed on the extended base frame, making this a turnkey system.
Exhaust shaft
Two types of exhaust shaft are available for the installation of compressors in containers, housings or service rooms.
MINI-VERTICUS high-pressure compressor, 85 – 300 l/min, 90 – 365 bar
free air delivery ¹
Max. operating
pressure ²
No. of
compr. stages
consumption ¹
Net weight approx.
l/min m³/h cfm bar psig rpm kW kW kg lbs
90 – 365 bar
I 100-3-MV 85 5.1 3 365 5300 3 900 3 2.2 316 697
I 100-4-MV 125 7.5 4.4 365 5300 3 1270 4 3.3 324 714
I 120-4-MV 170 10.2 6 365 5300 3 1200 4 3.7 324 714
I 120-5.5-MV 215 13 7.6 365 5300 3 1470 5.5 4.7 333 734
I 12.14-7.5-MV ³ 300 18 10.6 365 5300 4 1470 7.5 6.5 350 772


VERTICUS high-pressure compressor, 340 – 610 l/min, 90 – 525 bar
free air delivery ¹
Max. operating
pressure ²
No. of
compr. stages
consumption ¹
Net weight approx.
l/min m³/h cfm bar psig rpm kW kW kg lbs
90 – 365 bar
I 15.1-7.5-V         340 20.4 12 365 5300 4 1050 7.5 6.9 384 847
I 15.1-11-V 420 25.2 15 365 5300 4 1320 11 9.6 402 886
I 150-11-V 500 30 18 365 5300 4 1230 11 10.2 402 886
I 180-15-V 610 36.6 21 365 5300 4 1320 15 12.0 416 917
350 – 420 bar
I 15.11-7.5-V 310 18.6 11 420 6100 4 960 7.5 7.0 408 899
I 15.11-11-V 420 25.2 15 420 6100 4 1320 11 10.4 426 939
I 18.1-15-V 515 30.9 18.2 420 6100 5 1490 15 13.0 468 1032
420 – 525 bar
I 15.11-7.5-V 310 18.6 11 525 7600 4 960 7.5 7.0 408 899
I 15.11-11-V 420 25.2 15 525 7600 4 1320 11 10.4 426 939
I 18.1-15-V 510 30.6 18 525 7600 5 1490 15 13.5 468 1032
Type Charging Rate¹ Operating Pressure max. Purification system Number of Stages Speed Drive and Motor Power Net Weight approx. Dimensions
L x W x H
I/min cfm bar psig rpm Motor kW kg cm
     MINI – VERTICUS up to 350 bar
MV 150 150 5.3 350 5000 P 41/350 3 1,340 400 V, 50 Hz4 4 324 120 x 79 x 138
MV 200 200 7 350 5000 P 41/350 3 1,270 400 V, 50 Hz4 4 324 120 x 79 x 138
MV 250 250 9 350 5000 P 41/350 3 1,470 400 V, 50 Hz4 5.5 333 120 x 79 x 138

¹ Free air delivery according to ISO 1217, power consumption at maximum final pressure under certain conditions. Other ambient conditions result in different performance data. Values valid for 50 Hz.
² Max. operating pressure = max. safety valve pressure setting; reduced switch-off pressure.
³ Not suitable for nitrogen


Innovative German Technology

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, the Bauer range of compressors are renowned for their innovative German technology, precision engineering and reliability. Bauer has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 70 years. With proven technology, you can rely on Bauer high pressure compressors and purification systems.

Australia’s Bauer Agent

ASE is Australia’s Bauer Agent and a long-time partner of this premium brand. This partnership means that you can have full confidence in the authenticity of our stock and warranty conditions. When it comes to Bauer, ASE has a team of experts that are dedicated to supporting you and helping you find the perfect solutions for your specific needs.

Aftermarket Service and Spare Parts Support

If your Bauer compressor requires servicing, ASE’s nationwide service network is only a phone call away. ASE’s expert technicians can keep your air compressor running in peak condition, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in replacement or breakdown costs.


ASE supply and install a range of Compressor Accessories including fill panels, storage banks, filling stations, B-timers (for monitoring cartridge changes and maintenance intervals) and automatic condensate drains to name a few.

For further information on Compressor Accessories Click Here. Contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 8 9456 2066 or email for advice on the most appropriate compressors and / or accessories suited to your application.

Australian Safety Hire can assist with all your safety equipment hire requirements. We can offer expert assistance when additional equipment is required for events such as

  • Maintenance and Plant Shut Downs
  • Safety and Training Exercises
  • “Once Only” jobs where safety equipment is required

Australian Safety Engineers have a comprehensive range of safety and life support equipment available for hire. We have several fully contained trailers that are stocked with various safety and life support equipment and can be transported onto site. We also have individual equipment that can be hired as required. All safety equipment is serviced and certified in full conformance with the relevant Australian Standards and Manufacturers Specifications.

Having the right safety equipment on hand is extremely important in ensuring the ongoing health and safety of employees in your workplace. Our range of hire equipment is comprehensive and includes:

  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) – Our range of SCBA equipment includes the major brands.
  • Airline Equipment – portable breathing airline trolleys and systems are available with varying air storage, user and hose length capacities. An electric compressor “4 person” trailer mounted unit is also available (pictured above) complete with airline hoses, lung demand valves, waist belts and facemasks.
  • Escape Sets – We also maintain a hire fleet of Escape Sets. These are fully certified in full conformance with AS1715 and AS1716.
  • High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors are available to suit the location and air demand requirements.

Australian Safety Engineers can also customise products to meet required applications to increase efficiencies and reduce costs by utilising our comprehensive range of state-of-art equipment. Prices are available on request and we welcome the opportunity to assist you with your safety equipment needs.

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