Mariner 320 Paintball

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The mobile MARINER 320 paintball compressor is designed for professional applications and includes a 4 stage construction, heavy duty industrial roller bearings and a block that has been designed for continuous operation. As well as this, the compressor has corrosion-resistant components for tough climatic conditions. This compressor has an optional accessories programme that allows you to tailor the compressor to meet your particular needs.

Maximum F.A.D. and little space requirement qualify the MARINER 320 to be the top choice for professional use.

Standard Compressor Package

Complete compressor unit ready for operation*, comprising of:

  • 3-cylinder, 4-stage compressor block
    • Micronic intake filter
    • Intercooler/aftercooler
    • Intermediate/final separator for oil/water condensate
    • Intermediate pressure safety valves after every compressor stage, final pressure safety valve type-tested to TÜV standard
    • Pressure retention valve/check valve after final compressor stage
    • Oil lubrication
  • Three-phase motor or petrol engine
  • Air intake hose, 3 m long (combustion engines only), motor circuit-breaker and connecting cable for e-units; units with 400 V/50 Hz including plug connector
  • Vibration-optimised support frame (crash frame), lightweight design thanks to the use of aluminium alloys
  • P 31 filter system with TRIPLEX long-life filter cartridge
  • PN 200 or PN 300 bar filling device, 4 filling valves each with:
    • 1 filling hose, 1 m long
    • 1 filling valve PN 200 or 300 bar, with automatic bleed and pressure gauge;
      R ⅝” threaded connection, to DIN EN 144-2
    • For 200 bar units: 1 international filling valve
  • Operating instructions complete with spare parts list, CE declaration of conformity, pressure vessel certificates
  • For more detailed information, see the technical data and quotations

* as of “standard version”

Please refer to Equipment Options for upgrades available for these models


  • Very high free air delivery
  • One of the most powerful mobile compressors in the world
  • Incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Minimum space requirements
P 41 Purification system
When used in conjunction with original BAUER filter cartridges, the P 41 filter system with additional oil and water separator and pressure retention check valve can be relied upon for breathing air treatment conforming to DIN EN 12021:2014¹. A type-tested and sealed final pressure safety valve enables particularly high levels of operational safety to be achieved. 1550 m³ of air can be treated.¹ If the units are maintained and installed correctly as described in the user manual and subject to the BAUER AERO-GUARD being used if CO2 concentration in the intake air exceeds prescribed standard values..


SECURUS is a direct asset to your safety!
SECURUS is an electronic filter cartridge saturation control which continuously monitors the ability of the final filter cartridge to dry breathing air in accordance with the standard EN 12021:2014.  B-CONTROL II
The BAUER B-CONTROL II compressor control is the extended version of the B-CONTROL MICRO basic compressor control.
Additional intermediate separator after the first stage
In the case of operation in locations where air humidity is high (tropical regions, for example), we recommend installing a separator downstream of the first compressor stage. This can extend the service life of the unit and reduce maintenance costs.
Compressor control (PROFI-LINE)
This electrical control system with additional monitoring electronics switches the compressor off automatically when the final pressure is reached in the system, measures operating hours and oil pressure, and displays the current operating status. As such, it facilitates fully automatic operation with storage systems.
Automatic condensate drain incl. final pressure shutdown and control conforming to European CE standard
The automatic condensate drain is controlled via the electrical control system. The condensate produced can be collected in a condensate tank for disposal in an environmentally-friendly way.
Switch-over device PN 300/200 bar
For easy and flexible switching from 200 to 300 bar and vice versa.
The trolley provides an easy and convenient mode of transport for mobile compressor units. Fitted with pneumatic tyres, the trolley maximises mobility.
B-KOOL refrigeration dryer
In environments in which ambient temperatures are high in particular, the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer extends filter capacity almost beyond belief. Operators benefit from much lower filter cartridge usage and storage costs in addition to longer interruption-free operation.
Other voltages/frequencies
All electric motors are available with other voltages and frequencies on request. A voltage range from 110 to 690 V at 50/60 Hz is covered.
Paint finish/Special paint finish
All frame parts of BAUER compressors are finished with a sophisticated powder coating.
MARINER 320 compressor, 90 – 420 bar, 320 l/min, high-pressure compressor for compressing air and breathing air
free air delivery ¹
Drive Filter
L × W × H
l/min Motor kW approx. kg cm
320 Robin Subaru 4-stroke petrol engine 8.8 P 31 138 130 × 64 × 70
320 Three-phase motor, 400 V, 50 Hz ² 7.5 P 31 154 130 × 64 × 70

¹ Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar, ±5%
² Option of different voltage/frequency available

Innovative German Technology

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, the Bauer range of compressors are renowned for their innovative German technology, precision engineering and reliability. Bauer has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 70 years. With proven technology, you can rely on Bauer high pressure compressors and purification systems.

Australia’s Bauer Agent

ASE is Australia’s Bauer Agent and a long-time partner of this premium brand. This partnership means that you can have full confidence in the authenticity of our stock and warranty conditions. When it comes to Bauer, ASE has a team of experts that are dedicated to supporting you and helping you find the perfect solutions for your specific needs.

Aftermarket Service and Spare Parts Support

If your Bauer compressor requires servicing, ASE’s nationwide service network is only a phone call away. ASE’s expert technicians can keep your air compressor running in peak condition, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in replacement or breakdown costs.


ASE supply and install a range of Compressor Accessories including fill panels, storage banks, filling stations, B-timers (for monitoring cartridge changes and maintenance intervals) and automatic condensate drains to name a few.

For further information on Compressor Accessories Click Here. Contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 8 9456 2066 or email for advice on the most appropriate compressors and / or accessories suited to your application.

Australian Safety Hire can assist with all your safety equipment hire requirements. We can offer expert assistance when additional equipment is required for events such as

  • Maintenance and Plant Shut Downs
  • Safety and Training Exercises
  • “Once Only” jobs where safety equipment is required

Australian Safety Engineers have a comprehensive range of safety and life support equipment available for hire. We have several fully contained trailers that are stocked with various safety and life support equipment and can be transported onto site. We also have individual equipment that can be hired as required. All safety equipment is serviced and certified in full conformance with the relevant Australian Standards and Manufacturers Specifications.

Having the right safety equipment on hand is extremely important in ensuring the ongoing health and safety of employees in your workplace. Our range of hire equipment is comprehensive and includes:

  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) – Our range of SCBA equipment includes the major brands.
  • Airline Equipment – portable breathing airline trolleys and systems are available with varying air storage, user and hose length capacities. An electric compressor “4 person” trailer mounted unit is also available (pictured above) complete with airline hoses, lung demand valves, waist belts and facemasks.
  • Escape Sets – We also maintain a hire fleet of Escape Sets. These are fully certified in full conformance with AS1715 and AS1716.
  • High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors are available to suit the location and air demand requirements.

Australian Safety Engineers can also customise products to meet required applications to increase efficiencies and reduce costs by utilising our comprehensive range of state-of-art equipment. Prices are available on request and we welcome the opportunity to assist you with your safety equipment needs.

For further information please contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email