Line Throwers ResQmax and Plummet


Australian Safety Engineers are sales agents for the ResQmax and Plummet air launchers which are compressed air powered launchers and line throwers, used to project a rope that is typically used in rescue applications to assist in boarding large ships, scaling cliffs and in building rescue activities.

The ResQmax range of line throwers are used in both land-based and maritime environments to project a line throwing device to an otherwise inaccessible point. The ResQmax device uses compressed air to project a line throwing device which is specifically design to deploy:

  • a line only
  • an auto-inflating flotation sling and retrieval line, or
  • a grappling hook and retrieval line

The ResQmax line thrower is a powerful, intrinsically safe device that is used in various applications including: water rescue, man overboard rescue / recovery, ship to ship or ship to shoreline deployment, retrieval of mooring lines, deployment of spill containment booms, technical high angle/rope rescues and for the deployment of grappling hooks.