In-Command FX


In-Command FX is an all-in-one stand-alone NFPA primary wireless PASS Accountability System. Used with the stand-alone FX-5X or TFX-5 global to protect all firefighters at all times. Used as the firefighter’s primary pass for NFPA 1500 compliance taking accountability to a new level.

Protect your firefighter in every environment.

For further information please refer to the following datasheet: FX5 datasheet pdf

Features include:

  • 30 second Motion Alarm
  • Manual Panic Button
  • Emergency Wirelss RF Signaling
  • MAYDAY Emergency Wireless RF Signaling
  • Wireless RF Evacuation EVAC Signaling
  • Wireless RF PAR Signaling
  • Wireless RF ROLL CALL Signal ng
  • Very loud audible alarm
  • Low battery alarm

  • Loud98+ dBA Alarm Sound Pressure Level at 500° F (260°C)
  • Data-logging All DSU Status Changes (On, Off, Alarm, etc.)
  • Self-contained Heat Stress Temperature Alarm
  • Rugged, Stand-Alone “DSU” Personal Alert Safety System
  • Auto-on Activation using Accountability Key
  • Motion Sensing and Panic Button
  • NFPA Compliant30 second motion alarm
  • Highly Visible Green LED Indicators
  • When everything else fails you can rely on the FX-5 Global standalone DSU

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