Factair F4501

SKU: Factair F4501

Factair Safe-Air Testers

Factair’s latest generation of Safe-Air Testers make accurate air quality testing to the requirements of a range of international standards even easier to complete.

The F4500 and F4501 are designed to test low and high pressure compressed-air respectively. Both instruments incorporate an electronic reading for oxygen, pressure, ambient temperature and the F4000 also measures flowrate. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water levels and oil content are measured using the test tubes.

All of the above instruments have a colour touch screen display and include the ability to electronically store results and export to PC using software available to download from this website.

Our trained sales team can provide you with technical information to assist you in selecting the most appropriate Air Quality Tester. The sales team can be contacted via email on: sales@ase.net.au or on: +61 8 9456 2066.