Breathing Air Hose (10mm)


10mm breathing air hose with quality CEJN couplings. Hose made of flexible, anti-static material with excellent kink resistance to ensure reliability and safety. It is a bright yellow colour allowing it to be easily distinguished from regular airlines and so that it is clearly visible on the job site.

Available in varying lengths and sold on a per meter basis. Part Number ASEBA10 is for Breathing Air Hose (10 meter).

  • 10mm diameter breathing air hose
  • Hose is flexible with excellent kink resistance
  • Bright yellow for easy identification
  • Quality CEJN fittings
  • Complies with AS/NZS1716 and AS/NZS 2299.1
  • Sold in varying lengths on a per meter basis

Australian Safety Engineers are sales and service agents for a broad range of breathing air equipment including breathing apparatus, escape sets, resuscitation units, breathing airline trolleys and gas detectors. Our technicians are qualified to service a wide and varied range of breathing air equipment.

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