BMS High Pressure Pump

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The Resato BMS mobile pump systems is a compact unit that can easily be moved to enable testing both in the workshop and in field locations. The BMS unit is suitable for pressurising with oil, water or other fluids and is available with direct water feed or with an integrated reservoir. The unit is of modular design with numerous options.

Resato Mobile BMS High Pressure Pump

The Resato Mobile BMS unit is a self-contained versatile multiple pump system that allows high pressure testing in different locations through your workshop or field. The BMS unit is suitable for a wide variety of test pressure and object volumes with a maximum pressure of 3650 bar (52,000 psi) and maximum flow of up to 50 l/min. It is a mobile unit that can easily be moved to the desired test location using wheels, the forklift pockets of lifting pads.


The Resato Mobile BMS Pump Unit can be used for various high pressure applications.

  • Mobile pressure unit that can efficiently test at both low pressure and high pressure.
  • Modular design with panel mounted operating features and numerous options for maximum versatility.
  • Suitable for pressurising with oil, water or other fluids.
  • Is available with direct water feed or with an integrated reservoir.
  • Allows for outlet pressures up to 3650 bar (52,200 psi) and flow capacity up to 50 l/min.
  • Stainless steel frame and wetted parts. All parts made out of non-corrosive materials.
  • Options include: Mechanical Recorder, PC Data Acquisition and Recording System and Atex.

For technical specifications refer to product brochure:

Technical datasheet BMS Pump_V1.1 – ASE


Innovative Technology

Resato is a leading manufacturer providing high pressure solutions to a range of industries including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, chemical and petrochemical industries, marine and process industries.  With proven technology and a wide range of equipment solutions, Resato’s is a leader in the high pressure industry. 

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