BA Cylinder 6.8 Litre – Lightweight Carbon Fibre

SKU: ASE3026

BA Cylinder 6.8 Litre – Lightweight Carbon Fibre Design!!

ASE’s fully wrapped carbon fibre BA Cylinders 6.8 Litre has been custom-designed using leading technology and high-class materials. The cylinder holds high-pressure air and is suitable for demanding professional applications where clean breathing air is required.

This cylinder is a 6.8 litre, 300 bar cylinder with straight valve as standard (also available Right Angle, Straight with or without gauge, Ratchet handle), weighing approximately 3.9kg and having an approximate duration of 51 minutes. The cylinder has a visible luminescent band to provide greater visibility.

ASE use high quality German made VTI valves.

This cylinder comes standard with an epoxy clear coat over the paint which assures longevity of the paint throughout the life of the cylinder.

  • Fully wrapped carbon fibre cylinder
  • 6.8 Litre, 300 bar cylinder
  • Straight (Inline) valve. Also available with Right Angle, Straight valve with or without gauge and Ratchet handle)
  • Approximate duration – 51 minutes
  • Testing Interval: 5 Yearly
  • Lifespan of Cylinder: 20 years or Unlimited (on request)

ASE has a Registered Gas Cylinder Test Station that completes the hydrostatic testing, recertification and filling of cylinders. Our technicians are highly experienced and all testing is completed in accordance with Australian Standards as well as the applicable International Standards and Manufacturer’s Specifications. Our clients can be assured of our commitment to quality.

For further information on servicing please contact us on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email