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Automatic Condensate Drain systems allow for automatic drainage and discharge of oil and moisture from the compressor’s intermediate and final separators. Build-up of excess oil and moisture can reduce the filter life, reduce the compressor’s output, and affect the quality of breathing air being produced by the compressor.

The automatic condensate drain extends the service life of filters as well as saving operators significant time and effort.

The automatic condensate drain is controlled by the electronic compressor control. The condensate produced can be collected in a condensate tank for disposal in an environmentally-friendly way. Larger condensate tanks are available as optional accessories.

The automatic condensate drain is highly recommended for compressor units operating in automatic mode. In such applications, the extended filter service life and associated saving of unnecessary costs, clean breathing air and the time saved by automatic water removal are of particular benefit.

B-Timer features Include:

  • An hour meter to reliably count the operating hours of the compressor.
  • A display that indicates when periodic maintenance is due and identifies the required maintenance kit (using the letters A to C)
  • Filter Monitoring to identify when the filter is saturated and requires replacement
  • Simple mounting without wiring or piping
  • Low Battery indication level to alert the user when the battery should be replaced
  • Robust unit that can withstand tough environmental conditions i.e. dust, splash proof, high humidity, sand etc.

B-Timer Operations:

Safety at a glance!

1 Maintenance couldn’t be easier

The key symbol indicates that maintenance is due. The letters A to C indicate which BAUER maintenance kit is required (A = 500 hours or 1 year; B = 1000 hours or 2 years; C = 2000 hours or 3 years).

2 Safe data!

The battery indicator provides advance warning of battery replacement being due. The operating hours and maintenance times are saved in the device RAM even when the battery is replaced or if the unit is put into storage for a prolonged period without a battery. For better energy efficiency, the device switches to sleep mode automatically when not in use. The long-life lithium battery cell (3 V) will last for approximately 3 years if used for 500 operating hours per year.

3 Can be relied upon to count operating hours

When the compressor is switched on, a signal from a highly sensitive special sensor induces the operating hours counter to start a counting cycle automatically. This cycle runs until the next time the compressor shuts down.

4 Reached saturation?

The increasing level of saturation of the P-filter cartridge can be tracked at all times on the four-segment display. When the residual capacity falls below 20%, the last segment starts to flash and instead of the operating hours, the order number for the filter cartridges displayed so that a replacement be purchased. All 4 segments of the display will flash when the cartridge reaches the end of its service life.

5 Set-up is child’s play

The first time you power up the timer­, simply use the two keys to enter the device data. The menu is largely non-language-specific (it features symbols rather than words) and thus easy and intuitive to use.

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