B-Master Filling Station

SKU: B-Master Filling Station

The B-MASTER Filling Station enables quick and reliable filling so that you will never run out of air. The B-Master filling station was developed specifically for paintballing ensuring continuous operation. The unit comes with quick-connect couplings and a non-return valve to prevent an uncontrolled filling hose.

The B-MASTER Filling panel serves to fill compressed air cartridges in the high pressure ranges of 200 or 300 bar, primarily for paintball markers.

The B-MASTER filling panel is mounted externally, i.e. suitable piping is to be routed between the compressor and filling panel.

Using a t-connector, the pressure supply line can be distributed to additional panels (when filling several cartridges at the same pressure).

The filling pressure in the pressure vessel is displayed via a pressure gauge in bar/psi.

B-MASTER – Scope of Delivery:

  • Filling panels for “table-top mounting” with enclosed plastic housing
  • Can be attached via four bores on the base
  • Direct valve actuation
  • Automatic bleed
  • Adjustable valve play
  • Upper and lower valve stop setting
  • Rust-proof valves with several hundred thousand switching cycles
  • Pressure input at rear of housing
  • Option to distribute pressure to several filling panels via t-connector
  • Connection of filling hose at rear of housing


  • The safety valve is set at the factory. The high-performance filling valve is rust-proof and has a service life of several hundred thousand switching cycles.
  • In the B-MASTER MAXI, the safety valve is mounted as standard (otherwise as an option) so that the pressure supply does not have to be protected to 200 or 300 bar here.
  • The filling hose is bled automatically once you let go of the operating lever.
  • A silencer reduces the level of noise that occurs.
  • The filling coupling fits all standard paintball nipples and is equipped with a check valve. The valve prevents the filling hose from moving around in the event that it is accidentally activated without a marker being attached.
Number of filling valves Number of pressure ranges Safety valve Pressure reducer
1 1
2 1
1 2    

¹ Suitable for the direct connection of the filling panel to a storage unit with a max. storage pressure of 420 bar 
In conjunction with additional filling panels, the MAXI filling panel is ideal for establishing a filling line with an alternative filling pressure (e.g. additional MIDI filling panels with 300 and 200 bar) 
The filling pressure in the pressure vessel is displayed via a pressure gauge in bar/psi.

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