Bauer’s B-KOOL refrigeration dryer considerably reduces the running costs of the compressor whilst also protecting the environment.

The B-Kool integrated cooling unit removes a large proportion of the humidity before it reaches the purification system. The service life of the filter cartridge is significantly longer.

The cost of purchasing the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer pays itself off within a short time, as the B-KOOL massively reduces consumption rates for original filter cartridges. As a result, running costs are virtually negligible.

Operation becomes even more cost-effective when the B-KOOL is used in conjunction with the B-SECURUS filter monitoring unit or B-DETECTION gas measurement system; the unit maximises filter cartridge life by optimising moisture content.

At locations with particularly high ambient temperatures, B-KOOL assures a remarkably longer life time of the filter cartridge.

The B-KOOL is immediately ready to run for operation with the compressor, without additional lead time.


  • Service Life of the filter cartridge is significantly longer
  • Integrated or as a Stand-Alone Version
  • Easy to Retrofit
  • Running Costs of the compressor reduced
  • Huge potential for savings due to the reduction in consumption of filter cartridges

How the B_KOOL Refrigeration Dryer Works:

  1. The air saturated with moisture is fed out of the final separator of the compressor into the B_KOOL refrigeration dryer.
  2. In the high-efficiency cooling unit, the temperature of the compressed air, and thus its pressure dew-point, are reduced to approximately 3 Degrees Celsius. For reasons of physics, the cooled air is no longer able to store the moisture content and the oil and water vapour condenses.
  3. The condensate is collected in the integrated separator and thus does not enter the filter cartridge.
  4. The condensate is discharged into the compressor unit’s collecting container via the automatic condensate drain.
  5. The cooled and dried air is fed into the purification system by the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer.
  6. The B-KOOL control monitors the function of the integrated cooling technology and controls the condensate drain valve of the automatic condensate drain.

The B-KOOL is available in three versions:

  • B-KOOL II 680i: Integrated solution in new design for MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS in Super Silent version
  • B-KOOL 680i: Integrated solution for PE-VE in Super Silent Version
  • B-KOOL 680s: As standalone solution for compressor with P41 or P61 purification system
  Medium Ambient Temperature Refrigerant Compressed Air infeed Temperature Operating Pressure Compressed Air Permissible Free Air Delivery, Compressor Power Supply Power Consumption
B-KOOL Compressed Air & Nitrox (up to 40% O2) +5 ᵒC to +45 ᵒC R 134a Max. 60 ᵒC Min – 100 bar

Max – 350 bar / 500 bar

200 – 700 l/min (10L cylinder filling from 0-200 bar)

200- 650 l/min (according to ISO1217)

100-127 VAC 60Hz or 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Max. 550 W at 50 Hz, 610 W at 60 Hz

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