Automatic Condensate Drain

SKU: Automatic Condensate Drain

Automatic Condensate Drain systems allow for automatic drainage and discharge of oil and moisture from the compressor’s intermediate and final separators. Build-up of excess oil and moisture can reduce the filter life, reduce the compressor’s output, and affect the quality of breathing air being produced by the compressor.

The automatic condensate drain extends the service life of filters as well as saving operators significant time and effort.

The automatic condensate drain is controlled by the electronic compressor control. The condensate produced can be collected in a condensate tank for disposal in an environmentally-friendly way. Larger condensate tanks are available as optional accessories.

The automatic condensate drain is highly recommended for compressor units operating in automatic mode. In such applications, the extended filter service life and associated saving of unnecessary costs, clean breathing air and the time saved by automatic water removal are of particular benefit.

Automatic Condensate Drain features include:

  • Automatic drainage and discharge of oil and moisture
  • Extends the service life of filters and saves operator time and effort

The technical principle: Condensate (an emulsion of air moisture, lubricant and dirt particles in the ambient air) is produced during the process of compression. Therefore, during operation and after the compressor unit reaches the end of its operating cycle, water is removed continuously from all intermediate separators installed in the compressor and the final separator (default interval – 15 minutes, duration – 6 seconds). This ensures that no traces of aggressive oil and water mixture (condensate) are left behind in the compressor.

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