ASE are well-known in the Marine and Offshore industry, for providing complete Fire and Safety Equipment servicing in accordance with the applicable Regulatory requirements. 

ASE have extensive history in completing Fire and Safety Equipment servicing for the Offshore Oil & Gas, Shipping and Marine industries. ASE have been completing these services for many years and we have a detailed understanding of the complex regulations applicable to this industry including SOLAS, NOPSEMA, Australian Standards, Flag State and OEM requirements.

ASE have mobile service technicians that frequently travel offshore to complete these services. Our mobile service technicians have the technical qualifications, product knowledge, offshore expertise and safety qualifications (i.e. TBOSIET, HUET, MSIC) that are required to attend offshore facilities / vessels.

ASE thoroughly plan and schedule servicing prior to attending site to cover the broad range of fire and safety assets on site. Our detailed expertise provides the offshore facility with improved management of their fire and safety assets, a reduction in mobilisation / demobilisation costs through using ASE’s multi-skilled service technicians and overall operational compliance.

Adhering to regular service intervals is important in ensuring that the fire and safety systems are fully operational and in ensuring continued compliance for the facility / vessel.

ASE’s Expertise Includes the supply, inspection, servicing, testing and repair of:
  • Fire Fighting Equipment & Systems
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Breathing Air Systems
  • Breathing Apparatus and Escape Sets
  • Airline / Long Line Trolleys / Units
  • Diving, Breathing Air, SCBA, Oxygen and Mixed Gas Systems
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Medium and High Pressure Compressor Systems
  • Boosters, Intensifiers and Amplifiers
  • Pressure Vessels, Cylinders and Extinguishers
  • Other Miscellaneous Fire and Safety Equipment

For further information please contact ASE on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email