Life Support & Safety Equipment

Australian Safety Engineers are sales and service agents for a broad range of life support equipment including breathing apparatus, escape sets, resuscitation units, breathing airline trolleys and gas detectors. Our technicians are qualified to service a wide and varied range of life support equipment.

The company also has a certified ISO Class 7 clean room for the servicing and repair of all high pressure breathing air and oxygen gas work. The clean room is essential when servicing breathing apparatus and when the internal components of the breathing apparatus are stripped down. This room has high quality filtered air to eradicate contamination which can cause adiabatic compression (explosion of gases under pressure).

Our service capability includes:

• All major brands of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Long Line including MSA, Drager, Sabre and Interspiro.
• Escape Sets including the MSA Lifeguard and Sabre ELSA set.
• Hydrostatic Testing, valve refurbishing, and breathing air re-fills for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Cylinders
• Compressors and Fill Stations
• Oxygen Resuscitators including oxi-sok, oxi-port and oxy-vivas
• Hazmat / Protective Gas Suits.
• Individual components such as Lung Demand Valves, Valve Refurbishment.

Service procedures are ISO 9001 approved and OEM replacement parts are used in all servicing. All equipment is serviced and re-certified to Australian Standards AS1715 and AS1716.
Australian Safety Engineers asset manage and service breathing air equipment for the Department of Defence maintain an up to database. We carry out these services onboard or alongside Royal Australian Navy vessels utilising the latest computer controlled test equipment, recording the test results accurately into the computerised maintenance management system.

Australian Safety Engineers can supply, service and provide ongoing maintenance and support for your Life Support & Safety Equipment.

For further information please contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email