High Pressure Gases

Australian Safety Engineers can design, manufacture and install high pressure cylinder gas storage, distribution and filling systems to ensure backup reserves of the compressed gas are available when required.

Our technicians have the appropriate qualifications, technical competencies and experience to complete the installation, servicing and repair of this equipment as well as any associated gas fitting work.

Australian Safety Engineers can provide ongoing maintenance so that the equipment adheres to Australian and/or International Standards as well as Manufacturers specifications.

Australian Safety Engineers can supply and configure high pressure cylinder storage banks to ensure supply compressed gases are available when required.

The High Pressure Storage Banks can be configured with a Fill Panel so that cylinders can be filled directly from the fill panel with the compressed gas that is in the storage banks.

Australian Safety Engineers can also configure high pressure tube installations for your high pressure gas applications.

We ensure that the tube installations are leak-tight and can withstand high pressure gases, vibrations and temperature changes as well as meet the allowable working pressure.

Australian Safety Engineers can supply, service and provide ongoing maintenance and support for your High Pressure Gas systems.

For further information please contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email services@ase.net.au