High Pressure Compressors

Australian Safety Engineers are the sales and service agent for Bauer Compressors which means we are authorised to complete the servicing and repairs of this equipment.

Our technicians receive training directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturer in Germany, thereby ensuring that they receive the most advanced, high-level training. Out technicians are kept up-to-date with industry trends and they are technically competent in servicing this equipment.

Australian Safety Engineers have a fully certified Compressor Service Centre that has the capacity to service and repair high pressure compressors. This Service Centre has been audited by SAI Global as part of our ISO 9001 certification, as well as Department of Defence for our Approved Hyperbaric Repairers License and Bauer Germany.

Compressor is service task are completed strictly according to the Manufacturer’s specifications using only genuine OEM parts.

High Pressure Gas System

Australian Safety Engineers can design, manufacture and install high pressure cylinder gas storage, distribution and filling systems to ensure backup reserves of the compressed gas are available when required.

The High Pressure Storage Banks can be configured as a cascade system or direct compressor filling option.

Accessories & Spare Parts

Australian Safety Engineers use OEM Bauer Accessories and Spare Parts in the servicing of all compressors and therefore customers can be assured that quality parts are used in the servicing and / or modifications of their compressor.

Australian Safety Engineers can ensure the efficient servicing of equipment due to our large stock holding of spare parts imported directly from Bauer in Germany. We have a fully computerised Inventory Control System to ensure ample stock holdings.

Australian Safety Engineers are also able to assist in identifying and obtaining replacement parts for older model Bauer compressors.

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Approved Repairers for Department of Defence

Bauer Compressors are used extensively throughout the Royal Australian Navy to create breathing air to store at high pressure.

Australian Safety Engineers are Approved Hyperbaric Repairers to the Military and our technicians have extensive experience in the servicing and overhauling of Civilian and Military Compressors.

Australian Safety Engineers can supply, service and provide ongoing maintenance and support for your High Pressure Compressor, Filling Stations, Storage Banks or associated high pressure gas installations.


For further information please contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email compressorsales@ase.net.au