Australian Safety Engineers are sales and service agents for the world renowned Vetter range of products. Vetter products are certified to the European DIN Standard and Vetter are recognised as a world leader in their field.
Vetter products are used extensively by Fire and Rescue Authorities and in a broad range of Mining, Chemical and Process Industries. The following is a sample of the Vetter products that are available.

Hazardous Material Program

Vetter have a large range of Leak Sealing Lances which are ideal for containment of hazardous substances.

Oil and Water Aspirators

Vetter oil and water aspirators are used worldwide for the suctioning off and pumping of liquids.

Rescue Products

Vetter have a large range of lifting bags which are used extensively in a broad range of construction and resource industries.

Pneumatic Tents

Vetter Portable Decontamination Showers are used in many Industries and by Fire and Rescue Authorities involved in Hazmat spill operations.

Aircraft Recovery

Vetter Plane Lifting Bags are used extensively by Airport Authorities for supporting aircraft during routine maintenance and for the lifting of damaged aircraft.