Escape Sets

Australian Safety Engineers supply various makes and models of Escape Sets.

These Escape Sets supply clean breathing air to enable the user to escape emergency situations where the air is contaminated. These units can be worn by users in addition to other respiratory protection devices to provide support if the primary respiratory device fails.

This is a constant flow escape set available in both 10 and 5 minute escape durations. This unit is suited to marine and industrial environments.
ELSA Escape
This unit provides breathing air for a period 10 or 15 minutes allowing the user to escape to safety. This unit can be worn whilst wearing spectacles or if the user has a beard.
ELSA Muster
The ELSA Muster is an open circuit, compressed air, positive pressure escape breathing apparatus, fitted with an airline attachment for connection to an external breathing air source at a muster point. It is available in both 10 and 15 minute escape durations.
ESLA Sprint
The ESLA Sprint is a positive pressure escape set. Available in both 10 and 5 minute escape durations with either a facemask or positive pressure hood.