Portable Foam Equipment

Foam Branchpipes & Inductors

Australian Safety Engineers sell Delta range of foam branchepipes and inductors. The Delta branchpipes are durable, lightweight and of a compact design enabling them to be easily deployed when required. The branchpipes are available in both low and medium expansion depending on the intensity and projection. The Delta Variable Inline Foam Inductors are easy to use, portable units that can be deployed rapidly. A Marine Version is available which is particularly good in harsh environments and can be used with sea water. The Delta Inductors are designed to match the Delta range of low and medium expansion foam branch pipes.

Mobile Foam Units

Australian Safety Engineers sell the Delta Mobile Foam Unit. The mobile Delta Foam unit is a high capacity foam unit that can be used for major risks. This unit has can be transported and deployed by one person. It has a 130 Litre Capacity and is suitable for all types of foam.