Storage & Fill Panels

Australian Safety Engineers can provide high pressure storage banks and custom made fill panels to suit your individual requirements.

Our specialist technicians are experienced in building these units.

High Pressure Storage Banks

High Pressure Storage Banks, for additional storage capacity

Australian Safety Engineers can supply and configure high pressure cylinder storage banks to ensure backup reserves of the compressed gas are available when required.

Compressors are used to fill the storage banks with large volumes of the compressed gas, which is especially useful during peak periods of demand as the excess storage capacity enables a higher number of cylinders to be filled at a faster rate.

The High Pressure Storage Banks can be configured with a Fill Panel so that cylinders can be filled directly from the fill panel with the compressed gas that is in the storage banks.


Stainless Steel Fill Panels


Stainless Steel Fill Panels can be custom made to suit your individual requirements. Panels are supplied with pressure gauges, valves and ‘nipples’ and filling whips.

Panel can be made to size, however so as to ensure enough room for gauges to accommodate two – three filling whips, the panel would need to be approximately 450mm wide by 450mm high by 150mm deep.






B-Master Filling Station

B-Master Filling Station, for quick reliable filling.

The B-MASTER Filling Station enables quick and reliable filling so that you will never run out of air.


The B-Master filling station was developed specifically for paintballing ensuring continuous operation.

The unit comes with quick-connect couplings and a non-return valve to prevent an uncontrolled filling hose.