Compressor Accessories

Australian Safety Engineers offer an extensive range of components and accessories for your compressor system. Our trained sales team can provide you with further technical information on Bauer compressor accessories including determining whether they are suitable for your compressor.

Automatic Condensate Drains

Automatic Condensate Drains, for efficient and safe drainage of oil and moisture

Automatic Condensate Drain systems allow for automatic drainage and discharge of oil and moisture from the compressor’s intermediate and final separators. Build-up of excess oil and moisture can reduce the filter life, reduce the compressor’s output, and affect the quality of breathing air being produced by the compressor.

Bauer Air-Kool System

Bauer Air Kool, for reducing the operating costs of your compressor

The BAUER Air-Kool is a high pressure cooling system that guarantees a considerable increase in the lifetime of the filter cartridges and therefore offers a more economic operation of the purification system. AIR-KOOL is a cooling unit consisting of a chiller unit and a heat exchanger. The compressed air flows through the heat exchanger and is cooled down to near zero degrees, so that the biggest part of the moisture remains in the separator. The Bauer Air-Kool Unit reduces the running cost of your compressor by extending the drying cartridge’s lifetime by up to six times.


B-Control, to manage the compressor’s operating status and configuration

The B-Control is an electronic compressor control unit that is used to inform the user about the actual operating status of the compressor, maintenance work due and compressor configuration details.
On a well arranged display, all information on the running state of the compressor is indicated. In case of any deviation from the standard values, the B-CONTROL stops the compressor and the source of fault is indicated on the display.

The B-Control indicates the:

  • Operating messages / Status of compressor unit
  • Hour meter
  • Configuration parameters
  • Maintenance schedule / Fault indications / Error protocol

The B-Control also has an optional B-MESSENGER function that informs the operator via SMS on the mobile phone or pager or fax about all relevant compressor data, e.g. forthcoming maintenance work or filter change.

B-Master Filling Station

B-Master Filling Station, for quick reliable filling

The B-MASTER Filling Station enables quick and reliable filling so that you will never run out of air. The B-Master filling station was developed specifically for paintballing ensuring continuous operation. The unit comes with quick-connect couplings and a non-return valve to prevent an uncontrolled filling hose.


B-Timer, for monitoring cartridges changes and maintenance intervals

Compressor maintenance has never been so easy to manage with the B-Timer. The B-Timer is a mini computer that identifies when period maintenance is due and alerts the user when the filter cartridge is saturated and requires replacement.
Features Include:

  • An hour meter to reliably count the operating hours of the compressor.
  • A display that indicates when periodic maintenance is due and identifies the required maintenance kit (using the letters A to C)
  • Filter Monitoring to identify when the filter is saturated and requires replacement
  • Simple mounting without wiring or piping
  • Low Battery indication level to alert the user when the battery should be replaced
  • Robust unit that can withstand tough environmental conditions i.e. dust, splash proof, high humidity, sand etc.

Securus Safety System

Securus Safety System, for monitoring saturation of the filter cartridge

The SECURUS Safety System controls the H2O saturation of the filter cartridge by measuring the moisture in the molecular sieve and gives ‘advance warning’ on the B-Control and Securus display when the filter cartridge should be changed. If the cartridge is saturated and not exchanged in time, the SECURUS automatically shuts down the compressor and indicates this optically. SECURUS guarantees the optimum breathing air quality as well as the 100% usage of the filter cartridge. Note: All BAUER P-systems can be optionally equipped with our patented SECURUS safety system (for P21 and P31 we recommend the B-Timer).