Pre-Owned Compressors

Pre-Owned Compressors

Australian Safety Engineers trade in a significant number of pre-owned compressors for new Bauer compressors. We then conduct a full diagnostics test and service or overhaul these compressors, as required.

The compressor, including frame, is then sandblasted and powder coated. Some pre-owned compressors are then sold with warranty. Please contact Australian Safety Engineers for up-to-date details of our current availability of pre-owned compressors.

Australian Safety Engineers occasionally also have demo compressors for sale at generous discounts to NEW LIST PRICES. These units have usually done minimal hours (up to 500 hours) and come complete with a full 12 months warranty on parts and labour.

All above machines are in excellent condition and have been fully maintained and repaired to manufacturers specifications.


Please contact ASE for a current list of demo and pre-owned compressors that are available for sale. Please contact us on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or email