Poseidon 300 – 850 Compressors

Poseidon 300 – 850 Compressor

Poseidon 300-850 CompressorPoseidon 300 – 850 Compressor Range, for Proven Core Components from Bauer with a Simple but Robust Chassis – 300 to 850 l/min

The Poseidon 300 – 850 Breathing Air Compressors are ideal for Dive Shops and Charter Boats. These compressors have automatic operation, a robust compressor block, and a super-silent option for use in noise-sensitive environments. The compressor is manufactured by Bauer, so customers can be assured of the compressor’s quality and availability of spare parts. Australian Safety Engineers have the expertise to assist you in selecting and designing the optimum model for your application.

Poseidon300-850 Compressor Brochure (1.3 MB)



Australian Safety Engineers supply a range of Compressor Accessories including fill panels, storage banks, filling stations, B-timers (for monitoring cartridge changes and maintenance intervals) and automatic condensate drains to name a few. For further information on Compressor Accessories Click Here.

Contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 8 9456 2066 or email sales@ase.net.au for advice on the most appropriate compressors and / or accessories suited to your application.