Mini Verticus III Compressor

Mini Verticus III Compressor

The Super Silent Complete Station – 150 to 240 l/min

Economical, silent and absolutely reliable! The MINI VERTICUS III Compressor unit combines leading-edge compressor technology with top quality “Made in Germany “. The sound-proofed MINI VERTICUS III Compressor is the ideal partner for diving centres and diving shops, who count on reliable and long-life use coupled with low operating expenses. Rapid spare parts supply and service ensure a successful diving – worldwide. The patented P41 purification system guarantees purest breathing air quality.   The BAUER Compressors Group has sixty years of experience in the manufacture of high pressure compressors. Be assured: our compressor will be your dependable source of clean breathing air for many years, even decades.

Mini Verticus III Compressor Specifications

Mini Verticus III Compressor Brochure (0.97 MB)

MV 100-4-3

MV 120-4-3

MV 120 – 5.5-3

Motor Drive

4 kW

4 kW

5.5 kW

Motor R.P.M.




Free Air Delivery FAD (l/min)1




Filling Rate1




Filtration System




Power Consumption (kW / HP)

4.0 / 5.5

4.0 / 5.5

5.5 / 8.0

Dimensions – approx. (cm)

102L x 74W x 130H

102L x 74W x 130H

102L x 74W x 130H

Net Weight – approx. (Kg)




1 Cylinder Filling from 0 to 200 bar. Filing rate for 1L cylinder capacity Standard Scope of Supply includes:

  • 2 Filling Devices
  • Filter System P41
  • Automatic Condensate Drain (to drain intermediate separators and final seperators)
  • Compressor Control System
  • Solid Frame with shock absorbers, with super silent cabinet

Options Include:

  • Filter System P61 – for higher capacity to increase the lifetime of filter cartridges
  • Securus Filter Monitoring – to guarantee ultra-pure air
  • Switch Over Device 330 / 200 bar
  • Set of Inter pressure gauges


  • Air bank
  • Air-Kool Refrigeration Dryer – for multiplication of purification cartridge life

Australian Safety Engineers supply a range of Compressor Accessories including fill panels, storage banks, filling stations, B-timers (for monitoring cartridge changes and maintenance intervals) and automatic condensate drains to name a few. For further information on Compressor Accessories Click Here.