Mariner 320 Compressor

Bauer Mariner 320 CompressorMariner 320 Compressor

The Mobile Unit with Maximum Power – 320 l/min

The mobile MARINER 320 compressor is designed for professional applications and includes a 4 stage construction, heavy duty industrial roller bearings and a block that has been designed for continuous operation. As well as this, the compressor has corrosion-resistant components for tough climatic conditions. This compressor has an optional accessories programme that allows you to tailor the compressor to meet your particular needs.

Maximum F.A.D. and little space requirement qualify the MARINER 320 to be the top choice for professional use.


Mariner 320 Compressor Specifications

Mariner 320 Compressor Brochure (0.98 MB)

Mariner 320-B

Mariner 320-E

Motor Drive

4-Stroke Petrol

3-Phase Electric

Motor R.P.M.



Free Air Delivery FAD (l/min)1



Filling Rate1



Filtration System



Power Consumption (kW / HP)

8.8 / 12.0

7.5 / 10.0

Dimensions – approx. (cm)

130L x 65W x 70H

130L x 65W x 70H

Net Weight – approx. (Kg)



1 Cylinder Filling from 0 to 200 bar. Filing rate for 1L cylinder capacity

Standard Scope of Supply includes:

  • 4 Filling Devices
  • B Timer
  • Handle
  • Crash Frame
  • Filter System Triplex P31

Options Include:

  • Trolley
  • Automatic Condensate Drain
  • Filter System P41
  • Securus Filter Monitoring (only available in combination with P41 filter system, not on units with combustion engine)


Australian Safety Engineers supply a range of Compressor Accessories including fill panels, storage banks, filling stations, B-timers (for monitoring cartridge changes and maintenance intervals) and automatic condensate drains to name a few. For further information on Compressor Accessories Click Here.

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