Breathing Air Compressors

These breathing air compressors are suited for recreational divers, small diving clubs and diving boats because of their lightweight and compact design.

BAUER JUNIOR II The mobile unit with a compact, lightweight design – 100 l/min > read more BAUER OCEANUS II The compact unit for professional performance – 140 l/min > read more BAUER CAPITANO 140 Capitano 140 CompressorThe mobile unit for heavy duty use / professional applications – 140 l/min > read more
BAUER MARINER 200 The versatile unit for professional Applications – 200 l/min > read more BAUER MARINER 250 The Power Pack for Large Delivery of Air – 250 l/min > read more BAUER MARINER 320 The mobile unit with Maximum Power – 320 l/min> read more
POSEIDON 100 TE Transportable, robust compressor in a compact design – 100 l/min > read more POSEIDON 200/250/300 TE Transportable for mobile applications – 200 to 300 l/min > read more BAUER MINI VERTICUS IIIMini Verticus 3 Breathing Air CompressorSuper Silent compressor station for additional storage – 150 to 240 l/min > read more
BAUER VERTICUS 5 verticus5The powerful filling station that grows according to your needs – 260 to 680 l/min > read more POSEIDON 300 – 850 Poseidon300-850Core components from Bauer with a Simple but Robust Chassis – 300 to 850 l/min > read more AIR TREATMENT TESTING For quality breathing air that conforms to Australian Standards > read more
STORAGE FILL PANELS Storage banks & custom made fill panels for continuous air supply > read more ACCESSORIES Genuine Bauer Accessories for complete confidence in your compressor system > read more SPARE PARTS Genuine Spare Parts for all models of Bauer and Poseidon Compressors >    read more

For further information on breathing air compressors please contact Australian Safety Engineers on +61 (8) 9456 2066 or