Air Treatment & Testing

Australian Safety Engineers can supply various Air Treatment and Testing Equipment for your compressor system.

This includes purification systems that are designed to reduce undesirable gas components and testing equipment that is used to determine the air quality.

Bauer Aero-Guard, the CO2 Removal System

AERO-GUARD reduces the CO2 content of breathing air far beyond the limiting values of the DIN EN 12021.

Due to the constantly increasing CO2 -concentration in the air (due to unfavourable environmental influences), operators of filling stations find it more and more difficult to observe the limiting values for CO2 in a reliable way. With AERO-GUARD the operator is always on the safe side.

Bauer Seccant Dryer Regeneration Dryer

Bauer Seccant Dryer, for drying compressed air and gases

The Bauer Seccant system is a cost effective regeneration desiccator system that can be used to dry compressed air up to pressures of 350 Bar. The system has two pressure chambers, one is desiccating whilst the other is being regenerated through the process of desorption.

The Bauer Seccant Dryer is important in removing moisture from the air or gas which can cause serious damage to the compressor system, tools and test pieces. Failure to remove moisture from the air stream may result in costly repairs and maintenance resulting from corrosion, icing and dirt.

Bauer P-Filter System

Bauer P-Filter System, for purifying high pressure breathing air

The Bauer P-Filter System is an air processing system used to ensure that the breathing air is safe to breathe and to prevent serious damage to the compressor. The Bauer P-Filter System comprises of a 3 stage purification system. The first stage is a mechanical oil and water separator. This is followed by the adsorption of water and oil aerosols as the compressed air passes through a molecular sieve. The second stage consists of an activated carbon layer which removes oil vapours and odour. The third stage is a further molecular sieve layer and a particle filter.

Factair Safe Air Testers

Factair Safe-Air Testers, for testing the quality of your breathing air

Factair’s latest generation of Safe-Air Testers enables air quality testing to be completed accurately and reliably. The range of Safe-Air Testers can test breathing air from low and high-pressure air sources. The F4000 and F4001 Safe-Air Testers incorporate various innovative features including a touch screen display with a user-friendly menu and the ability to electronically store and download test results to your computer. The compact design and carrying case enables these units to be easily transported on to sites.


F4000 Air Analysis Test Unit (0.18 MB)

F4001 Air Analysis Test Unit (0.18 MB)