Air Quality Equipment

Factair’s latest generation of Safe-Air Testers enables air quality testing to be completed accurately and reliably.

The range of Safe-Air Testers can test breathing air from low and high-pressure air sources.

The F4000 and F4001 Safe-Air Testers incorporate various innovative features including a touch screen display with a user-friendly menu and the ability to electronically store and download test results to your computer. The compact design and carrying case enables these units to be easily transported on to sites.

F4000 Factair Safe-Air Tester
F4001 Factair Safe-Air Tester

F4000 Air Analysis Test Unit (0.18 MB)

F4001 Air Analysis Test Unit (0.18 MB)

Our trained sales team can provide you with technical information to assist you in selecting the most appropriate Air Quality Testing Unit.

The sales team can be contacted via email on: or on: +61 8 9456 2066.