Company History

Australian Safety Engineers (ASE) is a Western Australian owned and operated company specialising in the supply and servicing of a broad range of fire and life support equipment as well as the supply and servicing of various high pressure equipment including high pressure compressors and booster pumps.

The company has had 30 years’ experience within this industry since it was initially established by Australian Safety Engineers Pty Ltd in 1982 and as such, Australian Safety Engineers has gained considerable experience through the company’s longstanding sales and service history.

Company Profile

Australian Safety Engineers experience has enabled the company to establish a reputation for supplying quality products as well as providing a high quality service that conforms with Australian Standards, original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) specifications, client requirements and marine and offshore regulations (if applicable). The broad range of equipment serviced by the company provides a complete one-stop facility for the servicing and supply of fire, life support and high pressure equipment. Due to this, Australian Safety Engineers is well-known within this industry.

Our product range is extensive and includes portable and fixed fire systems, high pressure compressors, air quality equipment, breathing apparatus, escape sets, breathing airline trolleys, protective suits, gas detection equipment, oxygen resuscitators, haskel booster pumps, fire fighting branches/nozzles, foam branches and inductors, foam carts, cases, flashlights, remote area lighting systems, fire extinguishers, cylinder filling and testing, to name a few.

We have many material supply and service contracts in place for the supply of a large range of equipment to Local Government, Defence, Mining and Oil and Gas industry sectors to name a few.

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